welcome to relik

I am writing this from RELIK HQ on the eve of the site launch - in equal parts exhausted, and excited, in anticipation of sharing many long months of work with you all.

RELIK was born from a seed of an idea during lockdown, fine tuned, developed, and obsessed over since. Like any fine wine (or Chanel bag) my hope is that RELIK will continue to grow and add value to the lives of our style-conscious community. I have so many exciting stories, ideas and activations to realize in the coming months, but for now, I give you RELIK in all her newborn glory.

The idea of re styling and re imagining clothing, shoes and accessories already in circulation, rather than burdening our already stretched planet with more excess fueled by our obsession with ‘newness’, feels so modern to me. After all, the most sustainable piece of fashion is the one that already exists. 

I challenge you, to re think your approach to style….to edit your wardrobe and recycle what no longer serves you (high-end hoarding is a thing - trust me!), re style what you love, repair your treasures, and incorporate more preloved into your future looks as opposed to always searching for the next and the new. Relik exists to help you in all stages of this process, so be sure to reach out...

In order to serve you as best we can, please let us know what pieces you are dreaming of, which collections from seasons past still make your heart flutter and what your current style needs are.

For now, I hand my baby over to you…..enjoy.

Sara xx