Reselling pre-loved designer items is more than just an opportunity to earn money, sustainability is what underpins the entire luxury resale market. Consigning your unwanted fashion and accessories prolongs their lifespan and gives each piece a second chance at being re-homed, re-loved and re-imagined.

the problem

The global fashion industry generates 10% of the world’s climate-altering emissions, whilst a staggering 80 billion new items of clothing are produced every year. Over the past few decades we have seen an influx of 'fast fashion' that has swept the world. This trend has left our fragile planet overloaded with an excess of poorly manufactured clothes, many of which wind up in landfills or incinerators.

the solution

Expertly crafted items are designed to last a lifetime. They can change hands countless times, yet still retain their beauty and value. RELIK is a guilt-free, accessible and affordable way for people to indulge their love of luxury fashion and refresh their wardrobe, whilst doing good for the planet. RELIK Editions shares inspirational content to help our community to buy less and buy better by investing in better-quality items and educating them on how to care for and maintain their pieces to extend their life. By providing a highly curated, premium shopping experience, we encourage our community to re-consider how they shop luxury, and to incorporate more preloved into their wardrobe, because the most sustainable garment is the one that already exists. 

our impact

At RELIK we are taking steps to ensure we lessen our impact to our planet. Our packaging - tissue paper, washi tape, boxes and satchels are all low impact and fully recyclable.

social responsibility

At RELIK we believe in style and substance, and to this effect, we have partnered with a variety of charities supporting the environment and women and children in crisis. Consignors can choose, at the end of their consignment period, whether to collect their unsold goods, or donate them to charity - passing on their preloved pieces to aid those in need.